So I’ve been back from Ucluelet for a few weeks now and I have learned so much about myself and collective problems we are facing all together and very individually at the same time. One of these things was self consciousness and how to use it as an ally rather than fearing it as the enemy.

Self consciousness has been getting a bad reputation within ourselves for so long, too often we say “I’m so self conscious” as a negative expression. We have to retrain ourselves to understand how self consciousness is actually a tool for improvement. We are simply being aware of ourselves - which is a good thing. You can learn to understand the depth and purpose of this consciousness of self.

And so in this video I share with you:

The 3 tiers that self-consciousness can fall under (Judgement of Self, Mindful Watching of Self, Loving of Self);

How to know when you are using self-consciousness positively through feeling pleasure, and

How to use vlogging as a process of using self-consciousness as an ally.

I hope you enjoy this first video I’ve made for you!  And please feel free to send back your comments and feedback!



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