My Journey

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My Journey

I have never been one to sit long with titles. I am always changing, ever since I could remember I loved being everything. Random accents would embellish my stories to whoever would hear them. I dressed up often and imagined myself as all the characters I admired. I was inspired by all walks of life. From childhood heroes like Jim Carey to Elves of LOTR, role models like Homer Simpson (true story) and Spice Girls, professions like International Spy to Actress. My curiosity and genuine interest flowed from one to the next. To me, they were all connected, and I saw myself in everyone.

All of this was wonderful for an imaginative girl, until the hardened edges of the world around me started to close in during my teens. I so deeply wanted to be understood and be accepted, to be valued and to feel purposeful. I started to tuck my star-shaped self into the boxes around me. And I blended in really well. I was working as a server for 7 years and I finished my bachelors degree in Communications & Sociology, while finding opportunities to travel in the summers. I was swimming straight. For the most part.

Even on the straight and narrow path my deep spirituality and love for the metaphysical, the edge of what we know, busted at the seams of my box-disguise. A 3 month trip to S.E. Asia in 2013 opened the doors to a new career path, energy work. I became a Shamballa Reiki Master, Crystal Healing Practitioner, Yin Yoga Instructor, A Spiritual Mentor/Guide, Workshop Facilitator - I just went straight and narrow on this path until the end of 2016. It was crazy to have begun these sessions in my bedroom to then renting an office space. But I was also meeting many obstacles and challenges that were asking me: "Is this how you want to do it?" And something in me started to die.

This title was no longer fitting, this box was starting to fall apart. At 27, I was starting to fear change for the first time. I thought I had my purpose and passion all figured out. I loved being of service, that is why I am here. BUT I could not stop the force radiating from inside me that was asking me to trust a new way of being, doing, and living on Earth.

I started to stop, drop and roll away from anything that was not going to make it into the New Earth. I had to release friendships, lovers, family, beliefs, joys, griefs, a business, titles, memories, my dog, and where I've always called home. I was about to get on a perilous voyage to new uncharted territory, deep into myself I've never been.

It started during my 5 months in Costa Rica (Oct. 2016) where my eczema symptoms erupted after an Ayahuasca ceremony where I proclaimed I was ready for the next evolution of my being. I couldn't have anticipated the physical pain I would have to experience in the year to come, like a snake I shed the layers off, one by one. My body was purging from its cells, pushing the density through my core to the surface for me to witness. It was hard to face the dark night of the soul - AGAIN. But such is the cycle of life that give it depth and meaning. And that is a gift of mine - when my shadow comes into awareness, I will look. I will learn to accept. I will love what I see. Of course this is easier said than done!

This is the life I have chosen, this is the life I was given, and I would not change it for another one. I love my deep perspective of living and loving and I am devoted to serve life in the best way I know how. Being me. Sharing my truth, sharing my experiences, sharing my perspective, sharing my wisdom on our human condition. I let my artist self free to experiment and explore, my intellectual know-it all to do her thang, and I allow my inner child inspire your spirit, while my mature adult teaches you by being a living example of a connected life.


This is where I am on my journey. And, I hope you'll support me and my offering to you. The best way to do this is to follow my Instagram (@LIVE.DEEP.LEE) and subscribe to my YouTube channel (Button at the top!), the two platforms I'll mostly be using to share my life journey.

I really hope I'll see you connecting with me because even though I do this because it fulfills my self, it's full of purpose and service to all. Always.

Love, Jocelyn

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