My Journey

• How do you fit a star into a box? •

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My Journey

I have never been one to sit long with titles. I am always changing, ever since I could remember I loved being everything. Random accents would embellish my stories to whoever would hear them. I dressed up often and imagined myself as all the characters I admired. The net was infinitely cast to child hood heroes like Jackie Chan to Elves of LOTR, role models like Homer Simpson (true story) and Spice Girls, professions like Poacher Killer (also, true story) to Actress. I easily flowed from one to the next. Must be my Piscean nature.

All of this was wonderful for an imaginative girl, until the hardened edges of the world around me started to close in during my teens. At that time it was still really driven into us to choose one path and stick with it. And I blended in pretty well with this story! I was working as a server for 7 years, I finished my bachelors degree in Communications & Sociology, I travelled every summer but only moved out of my hometown at 22. I was swimming straight. For the most part.

But I couldn't stop the movement in me. I was always exploring just beyond the boundaries of who I was. I couldn't expand my career - fine, I'll explore my relationships. I just couldn't help growing and changing, it's who I am and what I do. Over time I realized I was trying to fit my star-shaped self into a box. It just wasn't working anymore, and I wasn't fully free, no matter how open minded I could be. My physical reality wasn't giving me the space to become my fullest self.

I started to stop, drop and roll away from anything that I knew that was created upon these limited structures. I had to release friendships, lovers, family, beliefs, joys, griefs, a business, titles, memories, my dog, and where I've always called home. I was about to get on a perilous voyage to new uncharted territory, deep into myself I've never been. I couldn't have anticipated that I would have to move to experience this.

I've been uprooted and nomadic since mid-2016, with my beloved Julian. We eased into this new lifestyle in Costa Rica for 5 months, there we decided we needed a different energy so here we are in Ubud, Bali where we've been living for also 5 months. During those moves I got to blossom into my newly refined self, which was incredibly painful on all fronts. I am yet again enlightened to who I am (for now), and ready for the next cycle of my evolution: EXPRESSION THROUGH CREATION.

This is where I am on my journey. And, I hope you'll be supporting my truth, my expression, my creations and my service to you. The best way to do this is to [follow my Instagram]( and [subscribe to my Youtube channel](, the two platforms I am best at sharing myself on the brightest of days and the darkest of nights with complete authenticity and honesty.

I really hope I'll see you connecting with me because even though I do this because it fulfils my self, it's full of purpose and service to all. Always.

Love, Jocelyn

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