I look back in my lineage of divine femininity and I know that love was strong, I feel it in my blood, in my bones and fibres, in my fire and heart. my mother was the eldest of 7 children, most of them sisters, they are always full of celebratory life. Having suffered through difficult times in Mainland China my mother helped pay for her family back home after she volunteered to go work in Hong Kong. I had only this year heard that story consciously, imagining my mother as a child, hiding away alone on a boat, waiting at a city until it was time to move again; then working with her uncle to send oil back to her sisters and parents to help them survive.

When she got older and her uncle’s business grew, she was flying to Milan with what English she knew and buying high fashion wear for the store. She would have to start all over again when she left HK to come to Vancouver. Still till this day she is with the same company, the clothing store she walked into at 40 years old (she’s 66 now!) with a 6 month old angry red crying baby (me).  She is now the manager of this store. I remember when I no longer could identify her by her broken English.

My mother has a warrior spirit, but her heart is an echo of Quan Yin. That was her deity, I grew up with her on my shelves offered with fruits and incense. She has fought her whole life, but always with a loving smile.

She to me is the Divine Feminine.

I am so thankful for what feminine strength has accumulated over generations, that it can be balanced with such strength. I honour my ancestors by keeping their stories, keeping their lives in truth and sound. I aspire to maintain this and evolve it. I knew magic was for me to live when my mother told me at a young age she had been visited by flower fairies. I was in a parallel reality when I saw the look of magic in her eyes; in my eyes.

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