We are all in a new age of humanity, some call it the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Knowledge, the New World, the 5th Dimension, and some call it total chaos. I like to believe that it is all true. As it does not matter how you categorize it or label it, they are all expressing the same thing. Change, and that is evolution.

So what is happening? Or more specifically what is changing? … It is a re-balancing of the masculine and feminine energy within all of us, and all in life that has been leaning too far one way or the other. This realignment is everywhere, from the intangible, to the collective, and right in the heart of the individual. You can observe this in the changing political structures (i.e. the constant overthrow of corrupt leaders), corporate structures (i.e. the demand for transparency and social consciousness), social norms (i.e. #YesAllWomen, and other agency of change for gender norms), relationships (i.e. men becoming stay-at-home dads and other role changes), and your own internal desires (i.e. learning to be more compassionate or to be more willful). To recognize the imbalances within yourself, you must understand the difference between the two energies and why they are both imperative to living in this new age with less suffering and more joyful living.


It’s a Man’s World:

The masculine and feminine archetype has been examined for ages and by many cultures because they truly exist in this world hand-in-hand, and their purpose has been searched by many. They are fundamental laws of life, and they are “expressed in language and rituals [among many other medium], reflect[ing] … dark/light, sun/moon, sky/earth. In Oriental traditions, they may be described as yin/yang.”(Luck, 2010, p.79). A delicately harmonized ebb and flow of all of life’s creation and destruction.

Unfortunately, there was a stall in the ascension of our consciousness, as there were those who have tried to maintain power for themselves (and others like them) by abusing the power of the masculine, focusing on the destructive power of life, rather than the creative. As Gareth S. Hill (2013) describes in the book, Masculine and Feminine: The Natural Flow of Opposites in the Psyche, we have had an excess of what he calls the “negative dynamic masculine” characterized by the “willful, determined, and goal-directed at the expense of what is life-giving and natural. It seeks to dominate and does not recognize and acknowledge the claims of any other point of view. The creative thrust is perverted into destructiveness, as expressed in the images of rape, directed violence, paranoia, life-taking technologies, and disregard for nature and the ecological consequences of one’s actions.”

This over-emphasis and egomaniacal obsession of power has dominated the Earth for as long as many can remember, or imagine. Only in recent has the awareness of this excess of the masculine have begun to rise (what many have called “waking up”), revealing that our world is lacking exactly what we have been taught to be less valued: intuition, emotion, love, compassion, empathy, and nurturing, which all just so happens to be the feminine energy and the solution as well.


Reclaiming the Divine Feminine:

As explained above, the feminine energy is intuitive, nurturing, loving, compassionate, empathetic, and being in touch with our emotions. They are the qualities in which normally associate with the archetype of the Mother, they really are feminine qualities. And, what the big leap in awareness is, the understanding that they do not just reside in women, but men as well, and all that lives. Gone are the days that the “troubled bad boy” types get the girls, a man who is in touch with their emotions are finally recognized not as weak or less manly, but a strong, confident, desirable and caring individual. Gone are the days that women were expected to stay in a troubled relationship because it was their duty as a wife. These old beliefs, such as being cunning gets you up the corporate ladder is no longer a common reality, because the corporate ladder is changing as well - ultimately the people working in these places are changing. We are all in the process of unifying these polarities, and when you begin to accept and allow this process with gratitude and appreciation, there is no doubt in my heart that you will begin to lead a life with less suffering and more joy.


No-Judgement & Honesty is the Best Policy:

To become aware of your polarities and the level of imbalance, one of the most important parts of the process is to be honest and to not judge your thoughts and feelings. Accept your “flaws” as aspects ready for progress, rather than a fixed and unchangeable attribute of yourself. We all have habitual behaviour, thought patterns, emotional reflexes, defence mechanisms and methods of coping that have come in handy, but that have lost its ability to positively serve you. To begin changing you must first accept the qualities you want to change.

For example, using anger as a tool to overcome obstacles is very common, it gives a surge of power and self-confidence that doesn’t care about consequences. Causing fear in conflicts through anger is an effective way to feel strong. But you will reach a certain point in your life where that specific masculine response will cause you more pain than pride. It can’t solve all problems, relationships deteriorate, work becomes stressful, life can suddenly seem like suffering. But, using the important tools of honesty and no-judgement you can (like I have learned to), thank anger for the perseverance it taught you, the fight it ignited in you, and the hard and rewarding lessons learned. In turn, you can begin to let the feminine bring you back into harmony. Because, now you no longer have to live life through anger, instead you can begin to use your nurturing, loving, compassionate and empathetic strengths to overcome difficulties. Thus, you begin to recognize and realign your imbalance.


An Eye for an Eye Leaves the World Blind:

This is important to understand, as I’m sure you may be looking to other parts of the world where this does not seem to be so. In many places this destructive chaos is the focal point, what needs to be considered is that these communities may have had an older and deeper social wound than what we experience in North America. There are places where conflict has been continuing for hundreds, even thousands of years. As we can all imagine how a child growing up in a violent household can be a strong factor for social anxiety, imagine many generations occurring in this environment. These communities have deeper wounds that require a different pace and weight of healing, balancing, and consciousness.

Those that resist the change for better will struggle, trying to keep old structures of destruction are no longer tolerated or sustainable. Look to the peace movements in extreme conflict, there is always efforts for a better life by choosing creation and not destruction and that is where our thoughts and support should be.

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