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Mother Ayahuasca, 8 months ago, told me to be like bamboo. I grow fast, and so it was only fitting to learn the lessons from the fastest growing plant.

I stood there under the starry Costa Rican sky with my feet in tree pose and my hand gently on the trunk of a bamboo. The winds picked up and I could hear it sway from side-to-side. And it shared it’s secrets with me.

Bamboo is extremely strong and flexible. Able to grow immensely high but stay firmly grounded. Going with the flow rather than enduring it. It can be used as scaffolding, clothing, instruments, and more - truely adaptable.

I practice my bamboo lessons everyday, staying centred and rooted. Because I will never stop growing into the heavens. Today I honour the bamboo for its invaluable life lessons.

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