You might’ve read my post, “Embracing Your Inner Slut.” That definitely required a fearlessness to share such intimated details of my sexual life.

I’ve always been quite fearless, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get feelings of fear ever. To me, being fearless means: Not being afraid of your fear. That means even though you are feeling afraid, you move through them and do what you are longing to do.

This Vlog is sharing my experience of feeling uncomfortable about wearing an outfit in a spiritual community I was staying at called Pachamama. I was hit with the unconscious collective perspective of female “appropriateness,” feeling judged and wanting permission.

My revelation was that I can be that person I’m looking for to give me permission - I can can give myself permission!

When you move through your fears and do what you truly want to do - you’re encouraging other to do the same through your courage. Get it? - (En)Couraging!

And, it all comes down to this - What is your intention?

There’s a big difference between wearing something with the intention to provoke versus the intention be authentically you. Depending on which you’re operating from, your experience will vary from conflict to empowerment. \ \ But just watch this ~3min vlog for the download.

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