I had just visited the beautiful topography of the Pacific West Coast on Vancouver Island, in the Pacific Rim National Park to be exact. Everywhere I looked there was an inspiration I had not felt the surge of in a very long time.

I was updating my ability to communicate with nature. I come to realize the cycles of learning that exist in my life and a major one was through the elements, which became seasons and within theses seasons were moving parts that danced together in a relatable rhythm. And what better rhythm to be in sync with than that of nature.

As an artist I had begun to understand what a muse was. The Ocean is my muse… Yemanja, Oshun, Poseidon, mermaids to surfers - I was enraptured by the emotions and archetypes of Gaia. I got a taste of surfer’s paradise when I had all the time in the world to watch the waves come in and out of the coastline. It was amazing to receive information, knowledge, inspiration and wisdom all in one wave. Birth to death, only to be reborn as a new wave.

This communion of communication is not something that first passes through the mind, it must pass through the heart to become a feeling - and through these feelings it will remind you of something that associates to a memory that will then guide your thoughts to the message being conveyed. It is very much like examining and analyzing a painting or work of art. It is much easier to decipher the thought from a feeling, than it is to decipher a feeling from a thought.

So what I did while I sat alone one evening on Little Beach in Ucluelet is look around me and try to read the information around me to turn it into knowledge and wisdom. If your life is a mirror of you, as we more easily understand it with people, your environment should have the same effect. And so to decipher the thought I had to find out how I feel, I began with a fundamental truth that what I see is a reflection of myself - therefore I can describe it to myself.

I began by asking myself why I keep coming back to this place. I am a person that prefers to travel somewhere new each time I get a chance, but I know I will keep coming back here the rest of my life. It calls to my soul. And so I looked harder… I started with the ocean waves coming into the beach. They were small waves gentle and steady, very calming. Water symbolizes our emotions and as of the Blood Moon I had felt a shift into a new emotional capacity of calm. This was not enough for me to understand the significance so I went deeper into the feeling.

My point of view was a 360 degree open sky, with the stars covering me like a blanket. I could begin to see the depths and distances of the stars…. The air is our mental plane, I see in around me and feel clear visioned with a wide perspective, in front of me the unknown future - it was just ocean until Japan. I began to know and understand what was communicating within myself so I continued. I looked around at the earth around me, the soft packed sand and the warmly lit homes speckling the cove around me. This was my grounding and support it needed to be firm but giving. This is a town of loving people that works with their environment, their presence felt supportive and not intrusive - much like the support I currently have in my life. With my present lover, in the centre of the cove looking out to the ocean; he represented my heart - my fire, my home. I could see the harmony of the elements. I could understand the communication of it all to me. I could see myself at my best reflect back to me the possibilities that exist for me in this state.

For the first time, I felt like I could move away from Vancouver and trust that in living in my ultimate muse, the friends, the work, the house will come - as this is where my soul is. Nature was calling to me. I will answer this call when I feel ready. For now I am still learning right where I am and I am content with that.

However, this was not the only way in which I was receiving from Gaia herself. Our walk in the forests and my evening spent looking up at the stars were irreplaceable lessons about understanding myself and my life to aid in the release of samsara.

I will never forget looking up at the night sky with the continuous sounds of the waves as one star stole my gaze. It was brighter than all the rest. It beckoned me to receive it’s message, I let my imagination flow… soon I saw it connecting to other stars creating an image of a slug. Yes. A slug. I was quick to dismiss this less than mythical creature but I knew this discontent is exactly what I need to dive into. Again, if everything is reflection of self what was a slug a reflection of?

Well, just several days prior to this, I was with a friend on a forest walk, we stopped to look at a banana slug in the middle of the trail - twice the question was asked: “Should we help move it?” And I said, “It’s okay, it’s on it’s way. It made it this far.” BOOM. Then it hit me, This star and constellation was inviting me to slow down, to have patience, to trust… I am on my way, I’ve made it this far… and was it ever beautiful and invigorating, I looked around me and thanked the dialogue between me and nature, between me and the stars, between me and life.

The messages and communication is happening right now. Can you feel it? Can you read it? Are you listening?… Do you want to know?

Trust the feelings you have when you are out in nature, truly look into and deeply at the life growing around you. They want to speak to you and share their wisdom, they will communicate symbolically, metaphorically, by feelings and imagination. Trust what you see and what you hear, and be amazed by the innate wisdom in yourself. Listen to your nature.

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