How often have you heard, “the mind is everything,” your thoughts is what creates reality,” it’s all about intentions,” “if you believe it, you can create it.” I have said many expressions in this way, giving a lot of our understanding of intentions to the mind; but I have also learned to integrate my heart in these intentions as well - so I believed I had this concept of intentions pretty well figured out. I personally enjoy operating in the upper chakras when it comes to setting my intentions, that if my consciousness and heart were on board then I will manifest my intentions into reality. But there was another aspect of intentions that I was not aware of.

After a very moving soul retrieval session I had received recently, I gained so much more insight to the cosmic lives I’ve lived past and how those threads have led up to present time. However, one of the most important lessons I learned during this session was about expanding my understanding of intention with much more depth.

In the last part of the soul retrieval, you ask your Higher Self to come down into your body, to anchor this energy of your most beloved version of yourself. I had not seen my Higher Self before, I had never asked to; during sessions for others I ask their Higher Selves to come through - and so I was moved by the image of myself. I looked like an ancient Chinese noble/princess sitting in the cosmic stars, my hair was pulled back in a fashion that allowed my face to breathe, I had a slight smile on my face, my robes took the shape of a sphere, where white silk with cherry blossom embroidery all over. The robes were floating and flowing as if it were a life of its own, she was the most beautiful version of myself.

I was asked to draw her down through my crown chakra and into my body, so that she would be anchored in this body, on this Earth to help me guide my way with more clarity, confidence and love. So in my mind’s eye and heart I imagined her floating down, through my crown chakra which was opened into a lotus, and then residing in my heart, filling it with golden light… I thought to myself, that was done and I felt good about it … but my healer informed me that it was not done, and that I needed to really pull her down with the silver cord that connected us; I thought to myself, “I thought I did.”

My healer said that I needed to convince her almost, to really connect with my Higher Self and communicate with her my real deep and core desire to have her integrate with my being. It was then my healer said something that clicked, “Say to her that you are ready for the changes that she will bring.” I began to understand the missing piece to my intention.

One of my greatest life lessons on this Earth is to ground my energy here, to value the lower chakras as much as I nurture, cultivate and value the upper chakras. I needed to let my Higher Self know that I was ready to ground, to ground both of us and walk this Earth with this intention. That I was ready for the evolution and changes of me learning how to use this physical body as a vessel for my Highest Self to operate in, to help me manifest my intentions. And so, I had to get my body on board!

I attempted this integration again, I looked at my Higher Self and in the depths of my being I asked her to please merge with my body, and that I was ready for the changes that are to come from our integration. I was lying still and sound, but the energy I felt in my body - the work and effort that I felt in drawing my Higher Self down was so strong. Right in the solar plexus and in my hands, I felt myself pulling and I could then feel the difference in my intentions. The difference between just setting my mind and heart into this manifestation, from setting the intention with my body as well; it was such an expansion of wisdom that I am so grateful for. For it showed me that I have another component to my intentions that will help create my dreams and desires into reality with much more ease and tangibility.

I needed to feel it in my body, my wants needed to be felt in my muscles, my bones, my blood, and in my cells. The body is what brings the intangible into the tangible, I learned to honour the body as an integral tool to my intentions and my spiritual journey.

Manifesting your dreams and desires is as simple as thinking from the mind and believing in your heart your intentions. But what will help keep all your high-vibrational energies and intentions on Earth into the physical is to ground them. To anchor them in your body and into the Earth. When you can feel your intention in your body, you will then know how to integrate and balance the metaphysical with the physical.

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