Plant medicine, along with various other alternative healing methods, are becoming more and more sought after as a source of healing and path of conscious awakening. You may have heard of such sacred processes with Iboga, Psilocybin (Magic) Mushrooms, Ayahuasca or San Pedro (both which I have written about before) and even more common and prolific - Cannabis. These methods have helped heal various issues including, physical pain, grief, depression, trauma and with Iboga it has even healed addiction as strong as heroin. These are not new nor necessarily alternative, they have been available to us for as long as they have been used by their Indigenous keepers.

What seems to be the obstacle for their more wide-spread use, especially in North America, is funded research on their beneficial properties. So far Cannabis has been thoroughly supported noted by it’s legalization in parts of America, as well as LSD for PTSD - in fact, some researchers have turned to Crowdfunding for supports as it is unlikely to receive government funding due to it’s Level 1 Narcotics categorization in the states. As for Canada, I am unsure of the rules. But it is inspiring to see UBC hosting the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference this October 24th-25th for it’s 5th year, which I am very much looking forward to attending. May these organized efforts through institutional practices normalize and bring loving awareness to the benefits of these plant medicines.

For myself, I have experienced the healing, awakening and powerfully spiritual effects of Cannabis, Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Magic Mushrooms. Each has their own unique, spiritual and memorable experience. For myself, in recent years I have been called to be a Mushroom Guide. I have a deep and powerful relationship to all four plants, surprised by the first time journeying how familiar and natural it feels. I will continue to journey with them. I know that I am also to be a guide through the realm of mushrooms as I want to aid others in the gentle initiation into the psychedelic healing plants.

Each time I journey into the realm of mushrooms I develop a tangible, memorable, deep and meaningful connection and understanding with planet Earth - Gaia herself. Synchronistic events that is miraculous by nature were what showed me the integral communication that exists between human and Mother Earth. The fact that there were other people who were not under the influence that were there to verify such events made my belief in it that much stronger.

My first experience with mushrooms was out in nature as that is the most beautiful way of connecting with the plant medicine. I was sitting on a fallen log deep in the forest of a large park with my friend who had not eaten any. I saw the Earth breathing, as so I have been told would commonly occur, but I did not expect to have such innate wisdom that would arise from my speech. I was speaking about lineage and ancestry in a manner I had never done before - nevertheless talk about it in such depth ever! I tend to have what I call “downloads” of information that was unconscious to me prior to journeying and I will have a very informational, cognitive and verbal experience. What happened next was very natural to me while journeying yet upon reflection I realized how magical it was - especially with my friend verifying this strange and wondrous event. We heard rustling in the forest behind us. We turned around and saw a mother racoon with three babies, looking at us in curiosity and caution. I simply told my friend to not send worry their way and they will move on without disruption. Of course in the city we are expected to have fear over the rabid myth of racoons so it was difficult for him to not emit such a frequency.

And so, the mother came forward to assess the situation, she climbed onto the log behind me, and started to curl her back to snarl, I casually turned my head backwards, looked at her and told her it was okay, that we were not there to harm them and just turned forward and spoke normally to my friend again. The mother brought her back down, climbed down the log and walked around me and her little babies cheerfully and clumsily climbed over the foliage right next to us going about their way. It was amazing to me that I could have such comfort, knowing and ‘control’ over the situation. If anything, I felt like I was able to be a fuller me.

This was not the only incident where I have experienced such miraculous encounters with nature. In the same park with many locals and tourists around near a lake I was explaining to another friend, who was also not under the influence of mushrooms, about our connection and the synchronicities of life. That when we are able to fully ‘plug in’ and surrender to flow and communication of this Earth matrix that we come to realize our ability to influence our reality. As I was explaining this it was synchronistically timing of the appearance and disappearance of people as I compared it to his busying mind. Also when talking about our connection to Mother Nature, Mother Earth sent a mother duck and her duckling out from the middle of the grass ridden lake to the very shore by our feet interacting with us in solitude with no people in sight. Then swimming off casually out of sight right when the next wave of tourists were floating in behind us.

In addition to these real time experiences with nature, I have also been able to see the patterns of light that exist before our very eyes, the great detail and subtle vibrations natural objects emit and noticing the sacred geometry that is everywhere in living things. I have also set an intention in one journey to see beyond the veil, to my amazement I began to see my peripheral vision (while gazing into the eyes of my uninfluenced friend) begin to morph and transform into a completely new reality. I have yet been able to fully interact with this world as every time I tried to look directly at it - it would disappear. But those are realities that I will never forget that change my relationship to the reality I live now - even writing this article. In seeing this profound and expansive truth, I know what limitations I experience in ‘real’ life - are just illusions of fear.

These are all very earthly expansive experiences that allows us to see how interconnected we truly are - however, on a more personal and daily life scale - a journey with mushrooms (when prepared with sacred intention and ceremony) can be powerfully healing and therapeutic. What we tend to drag out over days, weeks, months and years can be processed in hours. Our traumas, pain and suffering that are locked away or buried inside that we may be trying to heal for a very long time can be seen with new loving perspective, acceptance and understanding. In turn, allowing one to heal from that past experience fully. That is why it is important to journey with the plant with respect, sacred intention of healing, and having a guide who can help you understand the process you are moving through as well as sharing the profound connection that is playing out right before your eyes. That is the difference, at least for me, between eating it recreationally with no intention, and eating it with intention. With any journey if there is no reflective integration of the experience into real life, the lesson is lost. You are not just hallucinating and “seeing things” - you are experiencing a completely different and new reality that exists all the time - we simply have access to it through the plant. For example, we all know that ultra-violet rays exist, they are part of our everyday reality but our eyes are not able (or developed) to see them. It does not mean it doesn’t exist or that it does not heavily influence our daily life.

If we allow ourselves to experience the radiating joyful truth that plant medicine can share with us, our ability to process and heal from our pain, traumas and sufferings can be experienced with that much more light. It will be difficult for the finite and logical mind to comprehend this vast significance and connection to light and life itself, as difficult as it is for us to comprehend the dark that exists in our world as well. What plant medicine brings is beyond logic, beyond the mind, it brings a dimension into reality that can only be fully experienced by our hearts. I now follow my heart fully in life.

It is one my life goals to bring to light the powerful medicine readily available to us, made by Mother Nature herself to help us on our individual journeys through life. I’d like to help others see themselves fully by realizing how grand we truly are, simply because we are connected to everything. I’d like them to have a tangible experience of expansion in perception and awareness. I’d also like for our wounds to be healed in a powerfully loving way. And I know it is possible, because it happened to me.

Journeying with earth’s plant medicine is a journey through a portal of truth. All will be revealed, before it can be healed. May my personal experiences and opinion provide a different perspective or a spark of curiosity in you; create your own path to truth.


[This was written with the intention to be an expression of personal experience and opinion. It was not written to give any medical advice or to promote certain behaviour; those seeking help and advice for clinical disorders should seek professional guidance from your health care professional.]

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