I had requested from my loved one that if I ever seemed stuck, to ask me, “do you remember how good it feels to cry, are you breathing fully, and can I speak to your inner child.” My day of pleasure yesterday was not what I had expected. I started making my crystal talismans again, which bring me joy yet for some reason it was not a deep sense of pleasure. And so I waited. This super moon coming up has got me loony-with-the-moony my emotions are tidal. I waited; my love asked me the right questions and the right buttons were pushed. I could feel my volcano bubbling, the heat rising to the surface, the waters boiling, and then an eruption of pleasure: I started to cry.

I was so grateful… so grateful, I was so grateful I smiled when I was crying, I feel pleasure when I cry.

Because crying for me had evolved, it used to be the drainage of sorrow - it seemed to leave a gaping wound that continue to hurt. Now it brings me pleasure because it reminds me of how strong I am, and that I’m growing, that I’m making room for more. I could breathe fully again and I could feel my inner child rejoice in thanks and bliss. Feelings of stagnation can be crippling to me, crying opens for me the pleasure of movement: emotions, energy in motion. I received so much clarity. It was not what I expected but I am so grateful, so grateful for this euphoric pleasure… I thank the moon, as she has always been there for all these experiences of pleasure, I can feel her calling to me, invoking my tides of evolution and change, I weep pleasure.

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