I have many dreams, I’ve always been a dreamer, and they will continue to evolve as I create and manifest them. Yet the theme remains the same: to help assist the evolution of ourselves and our planet into a harmonious future.

And so, one of the efforts I have begun with regards to building this dream is to constantly evolve myself. Expanding my understanding and relationship with my Shamballa Reiki, my Crystal Healing, my workshops and events, my mentorships and artistic creations. Always pushing past discomfort and fears, I do not mind scouting the way forward so that I can reassure others it’s possible and beautiful. Another purposeful dream of mine is to empower and encourage the Divine Feminine in all, I am living this dream when I facilitate my Goddess In You workshops and when I allow myself to authentically connect to other people’s hearts with my Divine Feminine self. A dream I am building on now is my shamanic self and my path to a mushroom guide, this dream may have been planted since I was born; my Chinese name has the Reishi mushroom in it. :) I know I will always be dreaming, and I look forward to creating and manifesting them.

I am ready to reclaim my freedom in this life, too many moons have past where I believed life had to be lived in a certain way, governed by limited expectations. Each day I nurture this intention, always asking myself - do I need to do this? do I want to do this?

Steps that I take now to live a more fulfilled life is to go back to my foundation and evolve my gratitude for the simple things. I dream and act big, but sometimes I forget that in a day - if I can live in a good home, I can eat good food & water, I can sleep well and feel peaceful - that is as good and better of a day then when I am productive with my dreams but have neglected my basic needs. I believe I will need to continue to take these steps though to integrate it, and so that I can live a better fulfilled life.

I can clearly align myself to my inner truth, authenticity and my soul by going out into nature and lying on the Earth, when I can dip my feet and hands into the ocean, when I am surrounded by supportive and loving friends, when I give a reiki session or teach reiki to others, when I facilitate gatherings where others are able to step into their own authentic selves. Journeying with plant medicine or seeking other holistic healing as well when life can be overwhelming is another sure way for me to become realigned.

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