This body, no, my temple. Where I can pray deep within its holy walls. How I’ve forsaken thee.

I forgive the self for not seeing before. Not looking. Wishful thinking. That I was above it all.

So high I flew, so easy to know. Even easier to tell. But how little I lived in the experience of how. That is the paradox of today.

We all know too well, how the saying goes: “Let it go.” “Change is the only constant.” “It’s all love.” “Love and light.” Double tap, like like like.

Yes, we know it all too well.

I thought I bowed low, my humility got stretched, I clearly can bow much lower and with much more to go.

Until my body folds down so far that my bones return to earth mother. I humble myself to her and the stars.

In doing so, I reunite with the divine. This soul loss is no more. The courage to live on, experience by experience is “the way.” Knowledge is the start, experience comes next, then the cycle completes with wisdom - superior to the rest. And it begins again.

So place your hands in alignment with your heart. Keeping you balanced with your halves that often seem a part.

And pray with your temple. Open those doors, for your body is what can experience your bowing head on the floor.

I devote myself to my temple. To my spirit within. And accept all my experiences as divine. Grateful for the life of Jocelyn, I can live once in a lifetime.

Art by the goddess: Annelie Solies

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