This is the art of war. It is not to fight for pain. But a fight for peace. I see my warrior self, I know her very well. She is stark and valiant like a raven. Feathers line her crown, a cape cloaked around her shoulders running down her arm. No sharp weapons needed, just her oak staff and quartz point sitting firmly at the top. She has seen the battle field many times; she is porcelain smooth, no sharp edges. Her armour is flexible, no need for mass weight or thick metal. Her presence is strong enough to wield the proverbial knife. She looks at me with a soft gaze. She is saying hello again.

The air around her is dense like the hot gaseous waves rising from the sun. I now know why she is of bird-like species, that quality of reincarnation you’d get from a phoenix. When our eyes meet, flashes of the battles cross my mind. Those of pain and suffering, the relationships with men that I ate alive, really because I wanted to love. But now that is passed and gone, we can smile now for there has been a new dawn. This light has been glowing stronger each day since I realized where my strength lies. It is in peace and love, that is where I now fight.

So when I see her, I feel at peace, a warrior of protection, no need to exert more force than necessary, she governs the place of peace within myself. Teaching me my fighting spirit can be expressed by presence, by words, by a look in the eyes. Gentle or intense, depends on the audience. She is a sorcerer as well, working the subtle magic, all we need to do to keep the peace.

So I keep my peace, this art of war – so all is harmonized. I feel peace. I don’t have to fight. No struggles of anger and injustice. The warrior in me now is about keeping my strength and discipline of action, knowing when to strike and how. She has no fear, she and I are one, she is that fire in my belly keeping me comfortable and not burning me alive.

So interesting and telling to look back at our battles, challenging our ideas of power and strength. The “man,” you gotta fight “the man.” So I did, I would look to fight, get into fights and ask myself why can’t I find love. Well we can smirk in silence together now for we now know we can create and be our love.

So thank you my warrior goddess for keeping me strong and carrying me all this way. I needed you then and you carried me on your back with your broken wings, fearless we challenged all, but I am sorry that I also brought us to losing fights, meaningless ones – for it tore us down.

Now we can take flight together looking over our journey forward, knowing it is filled with peace. We are only left with one task, keep the peace and ignite the fire and warrior in other women. To know that the art of war is to fight for love and peace. We do not need to struggle anymore.

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