So gentle, so soft, I am walking Gaia. Hair is free, cascading down around me, flowers speckle her hair. Body is free, free of anything foreign but the cloak of her skin.

She steps each foot forward and the Earth beneath responds, growing petals and vines as she nourishes them through her body. All come to her for comfort, for guidance, for unconditional love. She does not judge, she peacefully nods at your woes, knowing exactly what to say to nurture your soul.

She grasps a bird between her palms whispering words of love, watching it fill with life before flying off. She is one with Gaia, embodying Mother Nature. Then I see her, being in my present body, the different acts and scenarios already experienced where she was present. And I know woman is all of me, all of the fibres in my DNA - light of love - love of woman - creation.

Why is she so cosmic and earthen? Because she is all around me. Then what is the masculine? It is which she allows, that structure to hold her nurture.

I think back the heart and hands of a man, holding it between my palms like that of the bird and the woman. Those words I spoke to him are my whispers of love. For when I let go my palms I watched him fly away, knowing which direction to go. With love in his heart, and tears in his eyes, he felt nurtured - I am woman and she is an energy I cultivate and call upon each day.

This is simultaneous time. This cosmic earthen goddess is here right before you. In this writing hand, in your heart, in your mind, your body and your words… Yes, it took some time for me to see this, in fact she was exiled much like the simultaneous time of the rest of the world both past and present, but not future.

As the walls of dominant masculinity crumbles, I know which each step I take on the barren, concrete and plastic wastelands I will be nurturing life, giving it love, hope and comfort. That the petals of the lotus will rise in the muddy waters, the vines will demolish what restriction is felt and left - it will reign over with love and grow the Earth and grow the woman in all of us; for the man has been in pain without this counterpart. So he cracked and finally let her in.

I see woman everywhere, in my father, in my boyfriend, in my mother, in my sister, I see it in corporate culture, I see it in water, I see it in India, I see it in the work force.

Woman is everywhere. I am everywhere… so what is my woman? Who is my woman… I am woman, I am creation, I am life, life that is infinite, always loving and ever expansive… of course, it is so clear, it just needed to be seen, woman is God. And so woman is all.

Is this something we can accept?

I know I do because in knowing myself and connecting with my woman self, I know and believe in God. I am the universe; I am you.

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