“Sensitive is the new black.”

That’s what Julian would say to me to make me laugh when I’m sobbing in bed from the pain of my eczema. I’ve been experiencing this rollercoaster body purging, healing, releasing process since November last year.

And, there are a lot of factors that make it worse or activates it. And I’m still proactively engaging with the healing process. But underneath it all, it’s a lot of emotions. Lingering from the past, being triggered in the present and releasing to make space for the future.

Accepting how sensitive I truly am is key. Not just my internal emotional nature, but also the external physical side of my sensitivity.

The more I awaken to my true nature, the light being I am, the more sensitive I am becoming to energies in this physical world.

The pollution in the traffic here is so intense, my lungs are weakened and my skin is acting as the third lung. When I’m in a neighborhood with big socio-economic disparity, I feel in my body those who do not feel secure in their homes. When I have my laptop plugged in and charging on me, Julian can feel the electric charge on my skin. When a restaurant is poorly cared for with unhappy employees, I ingest it into my body. A dirty home makes me tense and my skin crawl. This stress is coupled with an emotion and I hold it in all day, then wake up at night scratching it off. Until it is too much and I break down and share my feelings with Julian. Then noticing the next day my skin is dramatically better.

I realize embracing my sensitivity required me to speak up about it instantly rather than trying to tough it out or endure it.

So I remind myself to wear my sensitivity on my sleeves, better yet, on my skin. Acknowledging how much our environment impacts our internal well-being too. And to own that outfit everyday, unapologetically, and create the trend for all sensitive beings.

Because sensitive is the new black.

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