When I first learned Shamballa Reiki, I was told that “my life will never be the same,” it is completely true. I had been opened and expanded in a way I never knew was liveable. Within a month I had a website created my first healing service: Koi Chi Healing. Then a year later, I was ready for self-mastery. This meant taking full responsibility for my life and the events that occur within them, among many other things, but also accepting the responsibility of teaching Shamballa Reiki, if others seeked.

I was ready since last summer, in 2014, to teach as that was when I became a Reiki Master. A term I am still finding difficulty accepting without any shyness, but take very seriously and passionately. I had received everything needed to share Shamballa Reiki with others, but there needed to be an alignment for this to occur naturally, beautifully with ease, grace and right timing. Just like a flower waiting to bloom, I asked for my first student to reveal themselves, and patiently waited till the opportunity manifested. And so, after my third Ayahuasca journey, a fellow traveller asked if I taught it; I had asked and I was now ready to receive.

A week before my birthday, I was blessed with the opportunity to share my knowledge, understanding, love, experience and guidance of Shamballa Reiki. I was nervous at first, wondering how  I would approach this and busily preparing the material, all while the rest of my life was accelerating as well.

When the time came, and now that it has passed, I am blissfully full of tearful gratitude and appreciation for being able to share this with someone. To see someone allow more unconditional awareness, love and compassion into their lives and watching them become more whole. Sending them off not just with knowledge and the ability to practice the modality of hands on healing, but walking away with a new perspective on life and the philosophy be living as a healer. It is beautiful and amazing to know that they will share this with the world, knowing that they in return have taught me so much about myself and life. It was a weekend of channeling, loving, sharing, connecting and expansion of our souls. I thank this person for trusting me, learning from me, teaching me, sharing with me, opening to me, laughing and crying with me - our lives will never be the same.

I look forward to all who will come through the door wanting to learn as well, for I know our synchronicity will be magical, blessing me with another soul connection that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

I am ready… are you?

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