Humanity is unfolding itself right now, revealing the vast potential that people have as beings of Earth. The potential for great harm; the potential for great evolution. Have you noticed the profound changes occurring right now? … not just the ones meant to cause fear of our potential - but the change that reveals to us our higher calling and evolutionary path.

I am constantly in awe of all the worldly events that are emerging in my lifetime, I find it challenging to not view these events as the process for something bigger and better. Many would disagree; they point to the notions of viral public beheadings, the inevitable demise of humanity by nature, the financial system failing us, the education system crumbling, or that we still are looking out for ourselves and not the good of all. To many, we are stagnant, regressing and un-evolved.

To this I can only fully disagree that we are stagnant, regressing and un-evolved. For it is true that all those points are really occurring in our society at large; however, I believe that creating the absolute notion that this is evident for the path of complete demise is not having enough foresight. All healing and  growth has discomfort in the process, of course some of these events are hardly discomforting so much as frightening; nonetheless it is meant to encompass the “pain” factor of growth and healing. For example, when we have a cold it is often that it gets worse before it gets better. Or when we have a healing cut, there is that period of itchiness that leads us on the brink of self-sabotaging our ability to heal with no scar. Can we magnify this example to our societal changes and healing process? I believe it does.

So what do I see? I see humanity’s courage, imagination, innovation, compassion, love and oneness sprouting from the cynical wastelands. I see humanity’s desire to become true stewards of this Earth and seeing this global shift as an opportunity to build better and stronger foundations that are in  alignment with harmony and peace. I know this is true and exists because I live it everyday in my own life and I see it in the lives of others I surround myself with; I create the change I want to see in the world, I create my reality by filling it up with opportunities for this evolution. And that is what it comes down to, which part of creation are you going to see and participate in? Will you feed your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and actions that support the destruction of life - or creation of it?

For a moment, think about all the amazing things occurring in the world, made by the individual and collective; truly seek those who are wanting to create life. Really expand your foresight of each example you can think of and see it’s journey; past, present, future. Here are some of my own moments of awe, appreciation and gratitude for humanity recently:

  • That not long ago, those who believed in aliens were deemed crazy by many and that the idea was even unimaginable by many. Now NASA is uniting scientists, theologians, philosophers and historians from all over the world for a symposium to discuss how best to prepare the world for extraterrestrial contact. As soon as we make contact with other conscious life in the galaxy/universe, we will no longer be separated by such “differences” we will all have to learn to unite as human beings of planet Earth. Because no matter how you want to separate us on Earth, we are all Earthlings to something much more vast than our fearful differences.
  • When I was a child growing up, only a decade ago or so, homosexuality was still a very difficult reality for people to understand - especially difficult for those who were to live as so, so transgendered issues were unknown to me. With great leaps in our acceptance of our diversity in this multi-dimensional world, the transgendered community is making leaps and bounds in not only being tolerated, but accepted and appreciated. We see this with Laverne Cox from Orange is the New Black, or most recently and publicly Caitlyn Jenner the former decathlete of the 1976 Olympic games. To me acceptance is just the next natural step for ourselves as human beings. To accept that one can be born exactly the way they are and that it is a gift of life, that there is nothing inherently wrong - that we can be exactly as we are even if the categories that current society has doesn’t match. We are truly multidimensional.
  • What about the surge of the feminine voice? We have #HeforShe, #FreeTheNipple, as well as India’s women really taking a stand in their freedom and breaking the long held rape culture and undervaluing of females in their society. All over the world, women’s rights are making a great upward ascension, one that does not divide women from each other but unites them in the struggles as well as their liberty. This is no longer just a “man’s world” - it is all of ours.
  • Or the awakening of our deep survival and spiritual connection to Mother Earth. We have young inventors creating funded systems to help clean our oceans. We have local communities getting together to radically change our relationship to food. Plant medicine such as mushrooms, ayahuasca and marijuana coming to the forefront as real medicines for our modern societal dis-eases. There is also Sandra the orangutan in an Argentinian zoo that has been giving ‘non-human person rights’ - which opens the doors for more sentient beings of Earth to no longer be held in captivity; to receive the respect and love they so deserve.
  • On a more cosmic level, our Earth is also evolving, as you can feel her shifting her body and rising her tides - she is changing. And she wants us to come for the ride, but she cannot protect us from our own choices. Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is merging with Andromeda (though it is not for a very long time) and this is just a reminder that the Earth itself is not stagnant. It is ever evolving. As our planetary position shifts our whole world will too, it is inevitable. If this is hard to believe - the moon, the closest object in space to us, affects our tides and moods when it moves around Earth. Geomagnetic storms, which is a worldwide disturbance of Earth’s magnetic field is linked to the sun’s solar activities. We are much more affected by the outside cosmos than we are aware of.

The Earth is changing. It is changed.

Of course even in these moments of human triumph - it is not perfect. That is not what this article is meant to imply. It is meant simply to awaken within you a hope, a faith and a determination to be a part of life’s creation process - to find what it is you can do to be the change that betters the world. As no one has the absolute answer, we are all in the process finding what it is that we can do to make it better and that requires us to find our calling and connection to life. From redefining the way you view femininity to wanting to be the first to make extraterrestrial contact - all of these beautiful actions are propelling humanity forward and upwards in our evolution.

It will not be perfect, and there will be mistakes - I wouldn’t be so naive to imagine a rainbow path. But I will be wise enough to know that we are only contributors to the greater master piece, we are but a brush stroke that adds depth to the painting. And it will be a journey with bends, bumps, steep hills and un-discovered territory. You were never meant to make these great changes alone; we were meant to help each other. So forgive each other’s follies, accept that you may not be the sole hero, and welcome the co-creation of life with other fellow human beings. The world has changed, competition is not needed; cooperation is.

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