Give, give, give yourself. You are loved, appreciated and valued when you give yourself. The healer’s illusion.

When I awoke to my spiritual self, I decided to become a healer. I dedicated myself to others, how to help them, how to awaken them, how to heal them. So I became a Reiki Master, I learned crystal healing, I put my sociology/communications degree into work and began guiding people.

The illuminator of the shadows. I knew this path, I got myself out of some deep dark holes. But over the years, I forgot about one very important person that was due for some serious healing time.


Healers Illusion.jpg

In the recent weeks, I’ve been hit in the ego ass of this healer’s illusion. I needed to turn all that outward energy towards myself. Sending it all inward. Why?

Because I got lost along the way. I was burning out, thinking about others well-being before my own began turning into worrying about what they’d think. Then morphing into judgement. I began feeling separated from all that is.

And so I forget that when I devote my full loving energy to myself, I remember I AM LOVED, VALUED AND ENOUGH ALWAYS. Giving myself to others to receive that fill outside of myself will always be a momentary.

Love awoken within is INFINITE.

When this fire is set ablaze, and you live from that place, you automatically become a healer. Your presence is healing.

That is what I want to remember, that is what I am becoming, that is what I am allowing. By letting go of all the limitations that separate me from total LOVE. In my heart. In my being.

The sound healing, by the gongs, here in the picture helped me come back to myself. And the healers at Pyramids of Chi helped me come back to myself.

I am so, so grateful for this remembrance.

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