This is deep feminine medicine indeed, the power of receptivity. Accepting compliments were difficult for me as I often felt squeamish, perhaps because I’ve been around enough people who always tried to out compliment the other. One wanting to show more humility by seeming smaller.

Another memory is being compared to other children in intelligence, though I was often deemed the victor it was so trivial in the manner in which adults decided what greatness looked like (in one particular memorable case, by measurement of height) that it cultivated a deep sense of guilt and inadequacy of such empty compliments… Yet my desires juxtapose this condition, I feel such deep joy and encouragement when someone genuinely compliments me on their own accord, but I used to quickly shut down this joy because, again, I felt guilty for feeling good. This was hindering my dreams from manifesting with ease because I kept preventing myself from the pleasures of my creations, I was holding my own power back because I was afraid I’d be a tyrant if I enjoyed it. I loved discovering the beauty, talents, admirations and strengths in others and sharing it with them in compliments and encouragement - yet I was unable to receive the ones bestowed upon me from others. I was denying the kudos from the universe.

But now I see this, and for a while now I have given myself a task to help me open my heart to receive the love others want to give through compliments. I take a deep breath in, and I say “Thank you, I very much appreciate it.” This in turn has allowed me to be receptive to my dreams coming true. I would never let someone else tell me I am less; why would I do that to myself?

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