Everyone loves hearing stories, whether they are about people’s day, celebrity gossip, cultural tales and folklore, memories, reality, fantasy or a joke - they are timeless; stories carry essences of life.

At the stages of our last breath and years in this present life, we will move through a contemplative process of reviewing our experienced lives. We look back and play the stories out in our consciousness - reliving the moments in our thoughts, emotions and physical feelings. Depending on the story of your life, you may feel at peace and ready to continue life in its new form, or you may feel very low-vibrational feelings and discomfort. Because of this, it is significant to contemplate how important our stories are to the joy and peace we will feel in our lives.

There is also another significant aspect of stories that are imperative to know: like billions of other lives, your story may be completely forgotten in the minds of the future generation. You may be able to help carry your stories forward through your own family, friends or culture, like some of the legendary heroes we know of in childhood stories (it is called his-tory after all!). But, evidently as significant as it is in our personal lives, they are also insignificant in the grand story of Life. To not be humble and accepting of both truths is to rob yourself of your own joy and peace.

So, live your lives however you’d like to, fill your heart, mind, body and soul with joy and freedom! For those who do not understand yet, know that this does not mean you will be completely reckless and out of control. It means that you are courageously willing to lovingly peel the layers off yourself to reveal what is at the depth and core of who you are - what is your ESSENCE?

That is what will lead you to writing your greatest life story. That is why so many wisdoms of our elders are simple, true and timeless. At the end of a human story, you take away the essence of the story. When you move through challenging and complex situations you emerge with the essence, the moral or the lesson. That is experience, that is what we want to pass on to our future, we are all part of a great story - the archives of life. Each experience adds to the repertoire of life! That is how we evolve… This is important because of the difficult challenges we will all face in life. It is useful to consider this perspective of stories, experience and essence. Because within each experience, challenging or not, we have the opportunity to further our life and greater life with more joy and peace or pain and suffering.

Not everyone enjoys or looks forward to wading and diving in the depths of humanity. However, it is a critical nurturing and strengthening source to our well-being. You are more than who you think you are, a perfect harmony of light and dark. Your essence is part of Life, and it is significant.

Do not be burdened by this perspective, it doesn’t mean that you will be enduring life. The beauty is that you get to create your life story. There is no limit to how much joy and peace you want to feel, as well as the heavier experiences so you can relate to others; simply experience the essence of all. In this way of living, life becomes an amazing story. Shadows intrinsic to a great story, become part of creating the essence and lesson.

Everything you experience, ‘good’ and ‘bad’ will all become stories of a larger One. Some will be carried forward by people after you, some will just fade and stay in that place and time. Nothing more and nothing less.

Let that sit with you for a minute.

How does that make you feel?

Do you feel insignificant because it would seem like none of which you experience or do will matter in the end, if it can be forgotten? Maybe, you feel like you are constantly swept away in a story in which you can never get out of?

Do you feel liberated because those unpleasant experiences of past can leave one’s memory, clearing your guilt and shame? Perhaps it encourages you to experience all shades of life so you leave a legendary story?

Whether you have a positive or negative opinion about your life being a story, you are always creating the story of your life.

Live your life fully and create a beautiful story.

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