Have you ever had a dream? A goal? Maybe even one of those dreaded New Year’s resolutions? And you thought to yourself, how am I going to achieve it?

Let me introduce and guide you on how to create a powerful vision board in 3 steps, that’ll bring those visions into reality.

First, a little psychology lesson.

Our brain learns by association, by using what we know to make sense of new information. Specific words will bring up an associated image in your mind, vice versa, by what you associated with it the first time you learned it. So, if you happened to read DELICIOUS right now, you might imagine a piece of pie, a roast turkey, or whatever it is you learned to be delicious. Ever seen and advertisement?   Yup, that’s how it works.

You have the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, an important thing to know is that your conscious mind works while you are awake.. and well, conscious. The subconscious is in charge of everything else: your character, speech, behaviour - all things behind the scenes. In fact, it receives information you might not be aware of and stores it for reference. If you receive a message many times and often, it will play an important role in shaping who you are. This is why many spiritual leaders, self help, hypnotherapists and anyone inspiring change speak about accessing the subconscious mind. If you change the reference, the results will be different. You, will be different.

“The subliminal aspects of everything that happens to us may seem to play very little part in our daily lives. But they are the almost invisible roots of our conscious thoughts.” - Carl Jung

Thankfully, you can actually change and influence your subconscious. And, with high conscious awareness you may even be able to communicate with the almost invisible in real time… but that’s a future post.

What I want you to take away from this little psychology lesson is that you can create a powerful conscious message to your subconscious mind via a vision board.

You want to feel more powerful? You want to meet new friends? You want to travel to Bali? You want to meet the love of your life?   Done. When you ask (and create a bomb-ass vision board), you shall receive.

Because, you are powerfully creating the intended associations of the message. The colours, the font, the images, the emotions, the words; all of it. And by doing so, you will shape the way you guide yourself to your dreams, your goals, your resolutions; to whatever you deeply desire.

I know it works because they have worked for me and those that I have taught how to create them with. I first started by just cutting out pictures and words in “random” magazines with my friends that felt good, no real intention, just choosing what called my soul. Time and time again we look at our board throughout the year, and we were shocked by how accurate it is. And I have just developed (literally yesterday) a super focused way to receive what you want and have the universe to back you up.

*My vision board for 2016 that I got to live, breathe and feel all of it.


So, here are my 3 steps to guide you to make the best and most powerful vision board.

You are free to modify what you feel called to, this is just my guideline on how I create an uncanny unfolding of synchronistic events.

  1. Find out what it is you truly want, on the heart level.

    Your heart has the true desires, your mind is what helps you execute it. So, if you truly want to manifest what you deeply want. Talk to your heart. And it’s really important to be honest with yourself about what you want, otherwise you’ll attract things that you think you wanted, but turns out it doesn’t satisfy your soul.

    My recommendation if you have a difficult time connecting with your heart:
    You’ll need a pen & paper and full commitment. Find a quiet space to allocate about 30 minutes with yourself. Put your hands over your heart and naturally breathe deeply there, be aware of the beating, your chest rising up and down. Take a few minutes if you need to, until it feels natural to have your attention here.

    Then you quietly speak to your heart, “Dear heart, I am fully present to listen to what it is that you want, what it truly is that I want. Please speak loud and clearly so I can easily receive your message.”

    Take in another deep breath here, fully exhale, then open your eyes and begin to write on behalf of your heart’s voice.

    Important:Don’t. Stop. Writing.  And, write rather quickly, until your heart is done. As soon as you stop and think, you’ve interrupted the message. You’ve gone into the brain and not the heart.

    BUT it’s okay if it happens, don’t be hard on yourself, just close your eyes, hands over heart, and breathe into that place till your awareness is there again. Then continue writing.

    The universe wants to conspire with you for your heart’s desires, this is a very crucial step. Please don’t skip really tapping into what it is you truly want. As this is also how you practice listening to your inner voice.

  2. The Association Game & Focusing

    Now that you have the message, it’s time to focus it. When you are really clear on what it is you want, the universe knows how to send you the perfect signs for you to act upon to getting them.

    Depending on how long it’s been since you last checked in with your heart, it might have a lot to say. So, it’s important that you read it 3 times over, each with a specific reason.

    First time you read it, you might have a lot of emotions and realizations as you hear your heart fully. Take all the time you need to soak that first read through in. Just let it sit in your body, feel each word, each phrase, each memory and desire in every cell of your body. You are bringing all those subconscious references to the surface, activating them in your body, making them real. If you don’t feel it in your body somewhere, you don’t really have it, you probably don’t really want it.

    Take all the time you need to go through any catharsis, ugly crying included. Then when you feel like all your emotions are passed. Move to the second read.

    The second time, you’re going to shorten the message, especially if it’s long. Down to key phrases.

    For example, if you wrote a long paragraph about this one time in school you felt scared to speak up in front of the class and it was very painful, and you wish you could just get over that fear… to be blunt, get to the point. The point is - You want to get over your fear of public speaking.

    Write that down, write all the summarized to the point phrases. Then move to the third read.

    The third time, you synthesize the first two reads. Read your phrases and jot down how you feel and the first imagery/symbols/colours/words that come to mind. Please note, if you have a negative association, write that down too, and at the end go to the negative ones and change them to positive associations you want.

    Using the example of getting over your fear of public speaking: Instead of that memory of yourself as a child in fear. Take a moment to imagine the perfect scenario of how you’d look and feel, where you’d be and what it’d all look like. Then, write down those feelings and images.

  3. Creating the Vision

    ​Now the fun begins! You are now free to use your juicy creative energy to design your vision board however you like. Based on your heart’s desire blueprint.

    You’re going to look for the images and words that you associated with your phrases. It should be as close as it gets, should give you the same feeling that you wrote down. Colour and style does impact so try to be conscious of these aspects and how they move you as you make your choices.

    This is already your first action step in moving towards you dreams and goals, the universe rewards those who boldly step forward in their heart’s desires - so take pride and full pleasure in this process.

    Magazines: You can go old school and just take all the magazines you have lying around and flip through them to find the words and images that match the associations you made with your phrases. Or your own photos too!

    Digital: If you’re a hardcore millennial, then you can search the images and words you’re looking for online. That way you can ensure you get the right #mood and really shape your vision board the way you would your Instagram feed.

    When you have all your images, cut them out as you feel called to - get funky with it! And glue them on to a big poster board OR digitally photoshop them onto an art board and print it out.

When you’re done, you’re going to hang this master piece of a subliminal message somewhere you can see it everyday. Remember, the more you see the message the more it influences your subconscious and the more results you’re going to see.

As you see it everyday, your subconscious mind is actively seeking and guiding you towards those feelings, those words, those symbols and imagery. The universe is literally sending you those signs based on the intention you put out, all you have to do is say “yes,” when you see them.

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