My womb and I have had a challenging relationship. A continuous role reversal of one playing the light and one the dark. Yet now the conversation is kind and understanding, though there are still some parts to be untrained. We’ve been through a lot together, abuse on many levels. Some at the hands of others, some my own. She too knows the moon well, we act as the triple goddess together, one the child, one the woman, and one the sage. We have nostalgic remembrance together. Like warriors reminiscing past victories and battles. Together we’ve risen and fallen to sexual abuse, neglect, and apathy. We’ve gone through an abortion together, one that was excruciatingly painful, the choice remains the same but she asked me then, “why do you not listen to me?”

So she said no more, and she brought me to the half way point and asked me, “Do you value me, do you know what I mean to you, do you know what you are capable of?” Those were the questions that arose when I spent a year waiting/testing to see if I would get cervical cancer. At this half way point I said, “I hear you, I feel you, I see you, I am you” and I took care of us. I began to heal us, I began becoming more of who I am.

Now this space in me is a portal of divine feminine power, I can summon for strength, and that I still am working on creating the bodily structure to hold her with care. I recently became very sensitive and conscious of how I flex my hips when I feel stressed. And so, she tells me, “Release the grip, I am safe, you are safe. This is new territory but we’ve been through the darkest of times, all now is light, trust yourself. I am safe; you are safe. I love you.”

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