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Are you ready for your evolution into a Modern Goddess?

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This is my message to you, Modern Goddess:

You are free to be who you are, no approval needed. No apologies necessary.  All the imperfections you see are really trying to get you to say, "I'M.PERFECT."  And it is my soul's desire to help you not only to see this reality, remember this truth, but to strut it with each step you take in life. Whether you want to fiercely march forward, or sensually salsa to the left and cha-cha to the right, or simply wander in worldly exploration.  All of it is perfect.  All of it is powerful. Because you are PERFECT & POWERFUL.



There is no doubt in my heart and mind that together we can take you from imperfect to i'm perfect. From lost girl to free woman. In this lifetime, you are going to transform everything that held you back, held every other woman in history back - it's going to be herstory.  Because you my dear, are a MODERN GODDESS.



I'm going to equip you with a timeless Goddess to call into your life as your guide, inspiration and archetype to role model as part of your evolution.

You're going to learn how everything you ever thought of as a weakness or problem holding you back is a turbo jet of power when transformed with a higher perspective, compassion and will to live with a full authentic heart.

We're going to engrain self love and nurture into your entire being.  This spiritual love will purify your mind, nourish your heart and awaken every cell in your body to pure joy.  You and your body are going to be the deepest lovers.  Because when you honour your temple, only the most divine of men and women may enter to share this bliss with you.  This care you give yourself will allow you to instantly know what gives energy and what depletes energy from your life.



Together, we are going to unlock all the emotions that were stifled in your heart and body that kept you from breathing fully. Taking in all that life had to offer. From yourself, your relationships, your work - all of it. You will learn how to flow with your emotions effortlessly and gracefully, like a true goddess and let it empower you into your fullest expression.



That is my wish for you, guiding and coaching you is my gift to you.  I will illuminate the way so you feel supported and confident to take your steps of evolution into a Modern Goddess.

- Deepest Love & Honour,
Jocelyn Lee


What I need from you:

If you wish to work with me as your Empowerment Coach I want you to know what I will need from you so that we succeed together.

Your full commitment to your own evolution.

Your trust in the guidance & steps I give you.

Your authenticity & honesty with yourself and with me.




*2017 Update* 

Thank you for finding your way here to my coaching, currently I am not taking on any new clients for 2017 until Spring. I am focusing my energy into another passionate project of mine, Shakti Diaries. It is a powerful addition to my coaching as it features other empowered women as inspiration. 

If you wish to connect with me you are free to e-mail me :) OR join my newsletter to stay updated with my empowering projects for you (videos, posts, workshops/events) and when I will be accepting new clients.  And hopefully we will be able to work with each other soon. 

For now, enjoy the first episode of Shakti Diaries.

- Jocelyn Lee
Jan. 02. 2017

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