Are you a millennial? Do you feel like you want to make a difference in this world? Maybe you also feel like your ideas and dreams a little far out?

This one is for you. I want you to feel empowered to be fully yourself and to have no shame in your eccentrically individual game!

My beloved, Julian, and I both work as solopreneurs. He is a front-end developer and I am a b/vlogger & coach - and our work is technology heavy. It’s how we express ourselves - the digital canvas - and it’s how we connect to the people that we want to share our passions and gifts with. It’s virtually (pun-intended) impossible not to use the internet in some shape or form to get your voice heard in our global village. And, that is where people will be seeking out your gifts.

But, we understand there are common cautions, worries and fears about what that means for human connection and all that blah, blah, blah millennial problem stuff.

Here’s the truth - you’re responsible for the medium that you use.

They become something that empowers or disempowers by your will and intention. So, if you’re struggling to accept - being practicing finding a balance.

We are not perfect and still figuring it out as we create our dreams, after all this is a very new and quickly evolving culture and we can only accept that this is the future. So, how are YOU going to embrace it?

These are our thoughts in a candid conversation about eccentric leadership and embracing your individualism.

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