It’s not easy to stand up for yourself. Especially us women in a male dominated world. When a woman speaks up, there’s a tendency to assume that she’s a bitch or that she’s overreacting. And to be honest if a woman (or man) does not know how to stand up for themselves in confident and compassionate way - it’s very easy to start and persist conflict.

Conflict is not always avoidable, and sometimes it shouldn’t be. But how we manage and transform the conflict is in our power. We are not fighting, we are not attacking, we are standing up for ourselves. And, knowing how to face disagreements is something we should all learn.

We need to know how to confidently hold our space, we have to learn how to communicate our point with assertion and compassion, and we have to learn how to invite the other person to meet us at this middle ground peacefully.

Here’s how I do it.

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