I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Sheena Yap Chan for her podcast called The Tao of Self-Confidence. I got to share my journey with my own self-confidence and what my thoughts are on what it really means to be confident.

Here are some highlights of the talk below:

Definition of Self Confidence: Self confidence is the continuous journey of exploring yourself.

Life Before the Discovery of Self Confidence: As a young child, I was rather shy, but I was always quite confident in myself. As a child many things came easy to me and I received a lot of praise, sometimes in front of other children and that made me very uncomfortable to see someone else’s confidence be stepped on with me as the tool!

The “AHA” Moment: I was a bully in elementary school with no guidance. There was one boy who I was mean to but one day the same boy confided in me that their family was on welfare. I realized that the confidence is also something shared.

I also then realized I can make an impact in the world.

Her Life After the Discovery of Self Confidence: It triggered an ultra confidence for me as a young girl, vowing to be a living example for other women, especially Asian women that we are enough, worthy, powerful and free to follow our hearts and live our own lives.

The One Self Confidence Tip For the Listener: You are not alone, you have a place in this world. Find a tribe of women who can help you in your journey to self confidence. Through it’s ups and downs.

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